Case Study # RP-0618

Description: The client is concerned that airborne noise (conversation, noise), will be entering through the front door of the condo.

The Story: Your front door will keep uninvited guests out but sound vibration has a way of traveling through objects such as wood or metal, as well as through small openings. If you`re living in a multi-unit building, hearing loud voices in the hallway can be jarring. It doesn't have to sound like a school hallway at locker time. Your home should be your space--you`ve closed the door to keep the noise of the world out! And if you can hear them, they might be able to hear you! What about your privacy?

The Good News:
Applying a soundproofing solution to your front door is no problem for JAD Soundproofing. We`ll have a look at the door, the doorway and custom-build a solution that makes a big difference. Find out more by clicking the contact button below.


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