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As you know, for every phase of a construction or renovation project, different subcontractors may be required to use their particular skills and tools. JAD Soundproofing specializes in soundproofing treatments and installations. We have access to specialty soundproofing materials and have the knowledge to match up the correct material for each different type of sound situation.

If you are a General Contractor and are looking to sub-contract soundproofing specialists, look no further. The JAD Soundproofing team can analyze the soundproofing requirements for a particular job, provide the materials needed and do the installation on the soundproofing portion of your renovation, remodel or construction project.

If you are comfortable, you can let your team finish up by installing the drywall, taping and painting, or we are happy to close up the soundproofing portion of the job. We'll work with you to meet your client's budget and time frame.

Contact us to get a quote and see how we can add value to your project.

This option is perfect for General Contractors working on renovations of home theaters, bedrooms, ducting and pipe work, commercial projects or even condo, townhouse and home construction projects.

Highly experienced and professional team

We have access to high quality soundproofing materials

All materials are rated for safety and meet Fire Code requirements

We customize soundproofing solutions for any sound situation

We are WSIB compliant

We are insured up to $5 Million

Call us today to see how we can work together to build something great.



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