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Your business is your business and shouldn’t be anyone else’s business. Whether you are discussing sensitive business information or are helping clients with private matters, that information must be kept confidential. If people outside the room can hear the conversation, you are putting your organization and your clients at risk.

If the people you are working with or helping know that your conference room or therapy room is secure, they will feel more at ease to open up and share the information you need to hear. And you can have confidence that sensitive audible information is secure.

JAD Soundproofing has been providing custom soundproofing, sound absorption and sound control contracting for over 17 years. JAD Soundproofing's mission is to help people live and work better by reducing unwanted noise as well as to provide much-needed sound security and privacy. Our experienced team has the right tools, materials and soundproofing knowledge to make a difference every time. We would like to offer our services to improve acoustic conditions for your business.

What sound treatments are available to protect confidentiality?

Most people know that sound can travel through walls, floors and ceilings, but many don’t realize that there are areas connecting rooms above some ceilings (mainly for ventilation) that also carry sound. JAD Soundproofing inspects and analyzes all areas of the room(s) for sound transmission and provides a thorough soundproofing or sound control treatment. We offer expert installation of different sound absorbing and sound blocking materials to solve the sound problem. Walls, ceilings, floors and other structures are all taken into consideration. We also offer ways to improve the acoustics within the room, to remove echo and make communication easier for all. This is ideal for meeting rooms and teleconferences.

A Sound Investment

Privacy and confidentiality are more important than ever because they safeguard information. Keeping information secure prevents embarrassment, law suits, loss of trust and loss of proprietary development. When our team has finished your installation, you will feel confident that you are treating sensitive information properly and can offer this benefit to your clients.

We can help:

Doctors with their examination rooms

Psychotherapists and other counsellors with their therapy rooms

Lawyers with their client meeting rooms

Businesses with their boardrooms

Professionals with their home office

Police services with their interview rooms

Anyone with the need to keep private conversations in and distracting noise out

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Sensitive Information

Sensitive information: for their ears only


Board Meeting

Proprietary information at this meeting


Police interview room

Confidentiality during police interviews