Case Study # MM 0719

Description: The client is concerned that airborne noise (conversation, noise), will be entering and exiting through the venting system.

The Story: Have you ever been near a vent and heard conversations coming through it? As kids, we used to play broken telephone through the vents in the house. One child would talk into a vent upstairs while the other child listened for the secret words at a different vent downstairs. But your privacy is not a game. Sound can travel through vents, ducts and HVAC systems from one end of the house to another, or even across shared ductwork in a multi-unit building!

The Good News:
JAD Soundproofing uses special devices and materials specifically to block unwanted noise from traveling through ductwork. It`s all part of what we do. Contact us today to set up a virtual inspection. We`ll get right to the heart of the matter and provide a solution that makes a difference!


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