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You can't see sound directly but you can see that unwanted noise causes disruptions, stress and other health problems. There have been many studies about the effects of sound and noise on our health. The most obvious problems relate to very loud noise causing hearing loss but there are also negative effects due to less obtrusive but long-term environmental noise such as road or airplane traffic, repetitive sounds from mechanical or HVAC systems, and of course, noise through walls or ceilings.

Some health issues that occur are:

cardiovascular effects

cognitive impacts

sleep disturbance

mental health effects

increased anxiety and irritability

Toronto Public Health concludes in their report:

The health impacts associated with environmental noise are both acute and chronic in nature. In addition to noise-induced hearing loss, there is growing body of evidence that shows an association between environmental noise and health impacts including cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in adults and children, sleep disturbance and mental health impacts. Emerging evidence suggests that exposure to environmental noise could lead to adverse pulmonary effects increased mortality from diabetes,and negative impact on behaviour in children.

Source: Toronto Public Health: How Loud is Too Loud - Health Impacts of Environmental Noise in Toronto, page 22

Here is a list of some studies and articles that look into how sound can affect our health:

BMC Public Health:
Neighbour noise annoyance is associated with various mental and physical health symptoms: results from a nationwide study among individuals living in multi-storey housing

European Commision - Science for Environment Policy:
THEMATIC ISSUE: Noise impacts on health (PDF)

Toronto Public Health:
How Loud is Too Loud - Health Impacts of Environmental Noise in Toronto (PDF)

The New Yorker Magazine:
Is Noise Pollution the Next Big Public-Health Crisis? (May 13, 2019)

The New Yorker Magazine - Backstory:
Why Noise Pollution is More Dangerous Than We Think (video)
Noise Pollution Isn’t Just Annoying — It’s Bad for Your Health

Noisy traffic outside your window
Noisy Traffic Outside Your Window

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