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Here are some questions that we get asked all the time. Hopefully, they can help inform your decision about going ahead with your soundproofing solutiion.

Question 1:
I have heard that Soundproofing is expensive, is that correct?

Yes, depending on the amount of sound control you want, it can be. When reducing the noise that is coming through a wall or ceiling, it can be as easy as adding another layer of drywall to your existing drywall and by using a dampening compound between them. Or it can more expensive when having to remove the existing ceiling or wall to add insulation and decouple the ceiling or wall.

We do have some less expensive options that may be available depending on what the sound issue is. There are also some non-intrusive soundproofing techniques available that might be a good solution to your sound problem. Contact us to see what options will solve your particular sound issue and we’ll try to find something that works with your budget. We also offer financing options to make it easier to get the project started.

Ultimately, if noise is causing stress and frustration in your everyday life, soundproofing is an investment in your mental and emotional health.

Question 2:
What do you mean by “decoupling”?

Sound energy travels through different materials and can pass energy from one wall to another through vibration. Decoupling creates a separation between materials so that energy from the vibration in that material doesn’t get passed on to an adjacent material. We create that separation and add another material called dampening compound to further reduce sound transmission.

Question 3:
After you finish soundproofing, can you guarantee that I will not hear any noise?

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that we will eliminate the noise that is causing the sound issue. There are many variables that may have to be considered. The main issue is that we all have different levels of hearing.

Soundproofing will greatly reduce the detectable sound so that it becomes unobtrusive but if you focus on the sound, you may be able to hear something. Our customers have said that they feel that the soundproofing made a big difference for them.

Question 4:
Do I have to move out when you are doing the work?

No, you do not have to leave. However, we recommend that if you have children or pets that they are not present if we are sanding the drywall compound.

Question 5:
How long does a typical soundproofing project take?

This is dependent on the amount of sound control we must do. The average lead time for a residential project is approximately 7-11 days and the average lead time for an industrial project can be 2-5 days or longer. This is dependent on the access we have to the area and the complexity of the soundproofing treatment.

Question 6:
What do you offer for more budget-friendly options?

Sound control can be done incrementally in phases. Think of it like layers of protection from noise. We can try the first phase of sound control and see how that goes. If it solves the problem, we're all done. If a higher level of sound control is needed, we can add that if needed. We can discuss sound control options, phases, and budget when we can come out to do a site visit.

Question 7:
What are the benefits of soundproofing and sound control?

Health. Productivity. Quality of Life.

The first and most important benefit is your health. Unwanted and repetitive noise can interrupt sleep, cause irritation or put you in a bad mood. Soundproofing and sound control:

gives your body calm and quiet to recover from the stresses of life

helps you be in a better mood

reduces annoying noise from outside your home or business

allows you to properly hear people during conversations

allows for concentration to work and be productive

better sound quality allows for a better hearing experience with music, movies and family

can increase your property value when selling your home / business

Soundproofing and sound control is an investment in you!

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