Non-Invasive Soundproofing Solutions

Soundproofing technology keeps on getting better! Our newer, more innovative materials mean that there are now options for non-invasive solutions to your noise problems.

These cost-effective and affordable solutions can be done without opening walls or doing messy demolition.

And these solutions mean a quick work turnaround--we'll be out of your way in no time!

Don't let noise reduce your office productivity

Do you have an open-concept office space shared by many people? Or maybe just a few loud people? You and your office staff want to be able to concentrate without being distracted by the sound of people talking, phones ringing or other common office noises. Some noise problems can be solved without the messy and disruptive renovating walls or ceilings.

We can build special, customized, sound dampening/absorbing panels for your office that will block and absorb unwanted noise. And these panels are available in different sizes and attractive colours. We have a variety of different options including hanging panels, baffles, dividers or sound absorbing wall panels. Each is made from a combination of sound absorbing and sound-blocking materials (depending on what your requirements are) to ensure you can get concentrate on your work without noise disruptions.

Avoid hassling calls and complaints from tenants due to:

No messy drywall demolition and rebuilding

Quick and won't interfere with your business! Most applications can be completed in 1 day

All materials are rated for safety and meet Fire Code requirements

Reduction of noise heard through the ceilings, across the room or through walls

We are WSIB compliant

We are insured up to $5 Million

Ask us about our non-invasive soundproofing solutions

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Non-invasive soundproofing panels that hang from the ceiling

Non-invasive soundproofing panels for the ceiling

Non-invasive sound-absorbing panels

Non-invasive sound dampening panels and dividers