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Sound Absorbing Panels

We custom design and build our sound absorbing panels from a variety of sound absorbing and sound blocking materials to meet your needs. We offer a variety of colours that will complement the look of your office or space. Adding these panels to a wall or ceiling is a non-invasive, soundproofing solution that can be done quickly and without mess.

Echo Felt Board - Sound Solution

This cost-effective, sound-absorbing panel feels like felt and is made of PET plastic (a type of polyester). The nice thing about this material is that it is a non-invasive soundproofing solution. There is no demolition or dry-walling required for installation. The Echo Felt Board blocks and absorbs sound to drastically correct the unwanted noise problems common in many offices and workplaces. The best thing is that we can shape and size Echo Felt Board panels to act as dividers, partitions, wall panels, and ceiling baffles that look attractive and are effective too. We can make panels that can be added to cubicles and even doors, to create a quieter, more sound-secure office environment.