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If you have one more rental properties, you know that it is a challenge to find and keep tenants. Long term tenants are the best way to ensure that you can earn steady rental income month after month, year after year. And keeping your tenants happy is the best way to do this.

One of the most frequent complaints from tenants is not the decor and not the rental price but the noise coming from neighboring units. If a tenant is constantly aggravated by unwanted sound coming through the walls or ceiling, they will be more likely to vacate and find someplace more quiet.

Soundproofing keeps your tenants happy and your income stream flowing

Protect your investment! Avoid the hassle of finding new tenants, then vetting them all the while not being able to collect rent for several months during this process. Instead, invest in our sound absorbing treatment to your unit's walls and/or ceiling. We'll make sure that tenants won't be able to hear their noisy neighbors. This quiet environment transforms their rental unit into a peaceful home they will be happy to live in.

Another important thing for landlords and property managers to know is that all of our work is done to meet or exceed the standards of the Ontario Building Code and Ontario Fire Code. We strictly adhere to their guidelines to further protect your property.

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Avoid hassling calls and complaints from tenants due to:

Noise traveling easily through untreated walls, ceilings, ducting and electrical outlets

Noise caused by neighbor's barking dogs, crying babies, loud television sets, music, etc.

Noise from HVAC units and other equipment

Noise heard through the ceiling from children running around or people walking

Other loud sounds coming from outside the unit

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